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Ajinomoto Unveils Helen Paul And Miyonse As Brand Ambassadors, Reiterates commitment To Healthy Living – West Africa Seasoning Company Limited (WASCO) the maker of AJI-NO-MOTO Umami Seasoning has unveiled popular Comedienne, Helen Paul and former BBNaija housemate, Miyonse Amosu as brand ambassadors of the company with the mission of connecting with consumers and deepening public awareness on the benefits of the brand. The event took place during the factory tour of the company recently.

Speaking on the development, the Managing Director of the company, Junichi Niki said the company took the strategic step to unveil the brand ambassadors of the company at this time so as to disseminate the right information to the public about the product after suffering set back and various misconceptions by the public for a long time.

In his words, “As a food company, we have been in Nigeria since 1991 distributing nationwide. “Over the years, we have grown, especially in the Northern area and so we want to renew our strength in the Southern areas of Nigeria to complement our efforts in the North.” He added that the company witnessed a difficult situation for over ten years due to false information and misconceptions which are not scientifically proven that the product is a salt or detergent.

He added that the product is present in over 100 countries with over 250 million sachets selling monthly.

Taking the audience through the essence of taste of Ajinomoto Umami seasoning, the Head of Marketing at Ajinomoto, Mr. Isa Hassan Shallangwa said Ajinomoto is the first MSG(Monosodium Glutamate) seasoning produced since 1909 and has since maintained the standard till present.

He said Ajinomoto is the no.1 brand that enhances Umami taste of food. ‘’Umami is the fifth basic taste alongside sweet, sour, salty and bitter that enhances taste and makes dishes more delicious since it was discovered in 1909’’.He added that the benefit of Ajinomoto includes; adding savoury taste, use as multipurpose and reduced salt content.

“The safety of Umami substance has been approved by authorities all over the world such as in the USA, EU, Australia, Japan, and also by NAFDAC/Nigeria.

AJI-NO-MOTO is produced through a natural fermentation process of sugar molasses which are obtained from plants such as sugar cane’’ he added.

In their acceptance speeches, the brand ambassadors pledged to help increase the social reach of the product by orientating the public about the products. Miyonse who is also a chef said he is happy to be associated with the brand for been an MSG product. “As a chef, I’ll be educating and informing consumers on how they can use their AJI-NO-MOTO seasoning while Paul expressed her delight at joining Ajinomoto as the brand ambassador.

Ajinomoto was first produce in Japan in 1909 by a Professor at Tokyo Imperial University Dr. Kikunae Ikeda and a business man, Sabururosuke Suzuki II. The company started operation in Nigeria in 1991 and has NAFDAC approval.

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